Directed by José Veiga aka ZZY

Welcome to our studio ― We provide high-quality mixing & mastering.

In order to achieve the highest audio quality, the studio combines advantages from both analog and digital processing.

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Bem-vindos ao nosso estúdio ― Fornecemos serviços de mistura e de masterização, de alta qualidade.

The Studio

The room has been provided with professional acoustic treatment, developed by a specialist in the field.

Mixing & Mastering

The studio’s main activity is audio post-production, especially mixing and mastering.


The mixing service focuses on balancing and processing sounds to achieve the highest audio quality possible. This service can be done with or without the mastering service.

(Note: the mixing stage requires your project’s stems)


At the mastering stage, the goal is to take music to its highest potential and ensure client satisfaction. You have the option of mastering each track individually or mastering a project that contains multiple tracks.



70€ / track


30€ / track

Mixing + Mastering

90€ / track


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For enquiries or anything, reach me at:
[email protected]